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CC always had a curiousity about all things spiritual, though she never expected to become a professional holistic practioner. It was only after she had a deep spiritual experience shortly after her father's passing that she realized her path might have to take a more spiritual turn. Deeply grounded in the here and now, with a healthy amount of skepticism and a good dose of humour, CC has found her own way of working with spirit.
Having a deep understanding of where spiritual concepts came from and being mindful in honouring the intention of rituals is most important to CC and she believes it helps her in guiding and teaching others.
CC was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2017. She writes a blog promoting the interfaith dialogue, and works as a volunteer chaplain for the Alzheimer Society Ireland.
Trained in spiritual counseling, she holds a degree in Social Work and has a lifelong interest in psychology and philosophy.
As an unlimited being she also holds a degree in web technologies and creates lovely websites such as this one ☺.



40 Euro per session (apr. 1 hour)

Humans have always sought after a deeper meaning to life, the universe and everything. This search is build into our brains.
Where in the past most people would be born into a religion that solved this quest for them, these days of secularisation, many are searching for their own meaning of life.
Guidance for spiritual direction is not the same as 'therapy'. These sessions are not about fixing yourself, rather about finding yourself and how you relate to spirit.
Having confidence on where you stand on spiritual matters can have tremendous benefit in your daily life. Since guidance for spiritual direction is based on what you believe as opposed to what the guidance counselor beliefs, you have the opportunity to really deep-dive into your soul.

CC holds a degree in social work and a certificate in spiritual counseling, she was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2017. With a lifelong interest in psychology, philosophy and spiritual matters, she is able to guide you through deep conversation and hold you in sacred space.

Spiritual guidance is open to all, from scientist to nun. Sessions can be in person or over Skype.


Prices vary per workshop, from 50 Eur p.p.

Introduction to Angels

Angels are all around us. We hear more and more people talking about their connection to angels. But what are angels? Are there different angels? In what way can angels improve your life? This course will help you receive answers to your questions about angels and to learn how to connect to the different angels and allow them to work with you on improving your life.

12 Chakra System

Everyone has specific energy points on their body called ‘Chakras’. Each chakra connects to specific qualities we are to develop during our life. Most are familiar with the 7 chakra system, which stems from Hinduism. The colours assigned to them align with Newton's colour theory.
There are however many more chakras on our body. During this course we will look at 12 major chakras and their relation to our subtle energy body. It is recommended for those that are interested in working with healing techniques that incorporate the chakras.

Personal energy awareness

As you become more in tune with your own being, it is important to recognize your own energy and have tools to stay in your own energy. During this workshop you will receive tools that will help you connect with your energy field and your senses. You will also learn how to recognize other people stepping into your energy field and how to prevent yourself from taking on others’ energy. Managing your own energy field can have a tremendous effect on your welfare, removing draining cords of energy attachment and staying in your own power.
If you are sensitive to energy, or are contemplating providing healing work to others, this workshop is a must.

Angel Card reading

Learn how to use your own angel cards as a tool to receive guidance from your Guardian angel or other angelic beings. This workshop will focus on your connection with the angels and provides you with all you need to receive true guidance from the angels or your spirit guides. You will use your own cards, as to attune yourself to the cards you were drawn to.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is the art of staying in the moment. Often meditation is used as a tool to achieve minfulness.
During this workshop we look at the practice of mindfulness, how it can benefit us and how to get started on this path.
You will leave with a manual providing many techniques that will help you lead a mindful life.
This workshop can be a full or half day.


35 Euro per session (apr. 1 hour)

CC is trained in the following healing techniques, Reiki, Seichem, IET, Magnified Healing and Angelic healing.
After providing healing sessions to many clients over the last decade, CC developed her own intuitive healing style.
Based on the techniques she is trained in, she will allow her intuition to speak during each healing session as to what is energetically asked for.
She will always connect to and work with the individual's healing angels and spirit guides, channeling healing as it is needed.

Each session will start with a conversation, to check in and see where the client wants to focus on during the session.
At the end of the healing session, CC will guide you through a grounding exercise and after she will talk with the client about what was experienced during the session. In her experience, each healing session, even with the same client, is completely unique. If anything, most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation.

In the interest of privacy, CC does not keep notes on individual clients. Please do bring a pen and notebook if you would like to make your own notes.
There is no set amount of healing sessions needed, as a client you are the best decision maker on when you need healing.
It is extremely important to note that this is a complementary therapy, though relief from medical issues can be experienced, you should never stop taking regular medication or stop seeing your regular doctor. CC does not have a medical degree and can therefor not provide medical consultation.


If you would like to hear more about what CC can offer you, please contact her.

Gorey, Wexford
↠ CC can travel all through Ireland, however a travel charge might apply for journeys over 100km

+353 (0)89 47 40 186
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A non-refundable deposit of 5 Euro will be payable at time of booking.
I do not take payment in check.

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